When We Began

ISC was established in 1999 and has established itself as a leader in security consulting and holistic security planning. 

What We Offer

We offer you professional and objective security advice that is 100% independent.   

In addition, our ongoing research into developing technologies and criminal modus operandi means we keep abreast of all trends.  Based on this we constantly revise our approach.

Online Consulting:  At ISC we have adjusted to the pandemic by providing an online consulting service.  In addition to the obvious health safety benefits, this has resulted in cost benefits for our clients.

Our Aim

The knowledge we give you places you firmly in control of your security and safety and enables you to make informed decisions that will save you money and time and enhance the protection of your assets as well as your business interests.

Independent Security Consultancy designs security solutions that are fit for purpose and that will save you money. 

Who are Our Clients?

Our clients include the major residential and golf estates, commercial and industrial developments, upmarket homes and private estates. We will happily take on projects throughout Africa.

ISC leads the way in crime prevention strategies with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level.